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Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is the key to success in all phases of restorative care. Dr. Kahn can evaluate the best means possible to keep one free from dental disease. With a thorough examination, which includes digital radiography reducing exposure to radiation and laser photometric evaluation, the teeth are planned for cleaning, sealants, bite appliances, fluoride application and home care.

The best services provided at Dental Associates of Maitland are upon the foundation of prevention. Many people present without the necessary background in brushing, flossing, tongue care, and rinsing. These are evaluated at all visits. Printed materials and products are provided or prescribed in order to bring the level of prevention to maximum benefit.

Rinses are of a non-alcohol material that are of fluoride concentrates or of zinc chloride, both are naturally occurring antibiotics that are safe and effective in stopping decay, arresting gum disease, and eliminating bad breath. Prescribed fluoride containing toothpastes can eliminate dental sensitivity.

Sealants are of two major varieties. Primarily, the grooves of the teeth are sealed with a material that anchors into the tooth groove to prevent food and bacteria from occupying the space. Secondarily, exposed and eroded root surfaces are sealed with a fluoride containing reinforced acrylic resin that strengthens the tooth and eliminates sensitivity. Bite guards reduce the effects of stress, medications, and the postural imbalance of clenching and grinding. The benefits to hard guards include reducing the potential of breaking teeth and the stress of gum disease. Soft guards act in sporting activity to prevent tooth damage, jaw fractures and concussion. Upon study of a person's teeth, Dr. Kahn may prescribe these devices to keep your teeth and jaws healthy.

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