Choosing a Dentist of Record

All persons are in need of dental services, maintaining optimal oral health is a critical aspect of your overall health. Therefore it is important for you to find a dental health practiconer that fits your needs. Since this is not always an obvious decision, I wanted to provide some first steps in your research to make the process easier.

In communities with limited care deliverers, selection and choice may be of a narrow dimension; however, in large communities, in areas of numerous practices, your educated selection will involve some degree of research. Too many choices often lead to not making any decisions at all, so here are some ways to find the most important information.

Some good first steps

Ideal selection begins with a trusted referral. If a friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative has had a satisfactory service or if a physician or medical provider should suggest a therapist, then these recommendations are respected.

Most frequently, practitioners are selected for convenience. The office is located near work, school, home, or on the frequently traveled path between these destinations. The elements of personalities of office staff, internet sites, and marketing may effect selection but introduction to the practice will be significant.

Some search the public record for negative concerns or local dental societies for their positive concerns regarding a practice. The District and State Dental Associations provide for members records and protection of the public. The State Health Department also will account for issues regarding a practice. Records for Board certification are available on the state rosters. Others search for practices listed as members in the American College of Dentistry and other honorary groups and societies.

Making a decison

Select your dental home by understanding the integrity and background of a practice. Connect the information you collect via asking people around you, internet searches, State and Local resources, and ratings services you trust. You make a selection by the parameters you deem important but remember that quality is not easily substiuted and should carry considerable weight in this type of choice.


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