Cancellation Policy

It is our understanding that interruptions to our schedules occur for we appreciate that we are subject to issues of family, health, and emergencies of multiple proportions. However, our time is scheduled in order to focus upon your oral health concerns.

The team at the Dental Associates of Maitland makes every effort to make your time at our office pleasant and productive. We take pride in that our appointments are most efficient and that you are not subject to lengthy waits in our reception area. We wish to make appointments that will accommodate multiple family members at one visit and provide services that will allow for your maxiumum comfort.

All appointments, when made, have a specific date, time of day, and length of stay as well as the fees for the planned services in order that you are able to gauge your valuable time.

  1. If you are not able to meet your appointment, we request a 24 hour notification at the prior working day.
  2. If you do not notify us in a timely manner, you will be charged incrementally for the period of time that you set aside in our schedule.

We will attempt to remind you of the appointment that you made.

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