Cosmetic Dentistry

Since entering practice in 1977, Dr. Kahn has established a respect for the cosmetic demands of his patient family.

He has always provided whitening services in office and allows for patients to have whitening materials for home use. In the office today, in a 45 minute procedure, he and staff apply materials to the teeth. This procedure will lighten teeth for the significant photo or event to be held in the near future. It is also available to build custom trays for your teeth that will hold whitening materials to zones of your teeth. With thorough instructions, the trays are delivered with materials for home application.

Tooth surfaces are bonded and veneered. Dr. Kahn has bonded teeth since entering practice as well. This procedure works best to fill gaps between teeth and can be applied to change tooth color. The veneering process significantly changes the color, contour, and length of teeth. Dr. Kahn will make models of your teeth and prepare his changes to be reviewed with you. The teeth determined for change are prepared and the veneers are constructed. The veneers are bonded to the teeth. Since the veneering process has been available, Dr. Kahn has a multitude of smiling patients.

Dr. Kahn produces zircon, porcelain and porcelain fused to precious metal crowns that replace broken and damaged tooth structure as well as replaces lost teeth with implants and bridges. These prosthetic devices look and act naturally. Dr. Kahn also produces highly esthetic precision partials and dentures that offer comfort and function to the demands of his patients.

Dr. Kahn offers esthetic fillings that are of composite, a reinforced plastic material, and porcelain and zircon for the esthetic restoration of minor breaks and cavities of the teeth.

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