Head & Neck Pain Therapy

Dr. Kahn treats patients by referral from local dentists, chiropractors, ear, nose and throat specialists, and neurologists. He has acquired, through three mini-residencies in facial pain, the diagnostic talents and working knowledge to manage patients successfully with their oral rehabilitation caused by trauma and inadvertent injury to the head and neck.

By radiographic means in the office and by a thorough head and neck examination, Dr. Kahn has become a resource to practitioners. His patients come to his office from about the nation and he advises legal professionals as well on this topic. He has taught dental professionals around the state as well on the diagnosis, treatment planning and thearapeutic ,process for their patient family as well.

Through instrumentation, Dr. Kahn evaluates a person's bite and treats their individual discomforts through medications, exercise, bite therapy, splint therapy, restorative therapy and combinations of these. Dr. Kahn is able to construct removable devices that will diagnose and treat bite issues. He is able to build removable appliances that allow for normal dental function. He works with a team of orthodontists and surgeons under his direction to resolve issues of facial pain initiated by the teeth and jaws. He works with chiropractors, neurologists and neurosurgeons, ear nose and throats specialists to treat pain from non-dental sources as well.

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